Working in pairs to produce a dish of Macaroni Cheese, taste and serve.

Year 7: Macaroni Cheese



        250g Macaroni or Shaped Pasta

        50g butter

        50g Plain flour

        1-pint Milk

        1 Bay Leaf

        175g Cheddar Cheese

         Salt and Pepper to taste


Al Dente



1.     Put milk and bay leaf in a saucepan and warm gently. DO NO LET MILK BOIL, set to one side to infuse.

2.     Cook the Macaroni or shaped pasta in boiling salted water for time stated on the pack.

3.     In another pan melt the butter and flour on medium heat. Take bay leaf out of the milk and using a wooden spoon, gradually stir the milk into flour until a coating consistency.

4.     Grate the cheese, saving some to sprinkle on top of pasta, stir rest into white sauce. Add salt and paper to taste.

5.     Drain the pasta and mix with sauce. Transfer to oven proof dish, sprinkle with reserved cheese and place under grill until golden brown and bubbling.


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