Working in pairs, select correct equipment to cook and taste a Pear and Chocolate marble cake

Year 8: Pear and Chocolate Marble Cake



        100g caster sugar

        100g soft margarine or butter

        2 eggs

        100g self-raising flour

        1 dessertspoon cocoa powder

        1 teaspoon baking powder

        2 fresh pears




Even portion



1.     Turn on oven to 180 degrees. Lightly grease and flour 1 Victoria sandwich cake tin.

2.     In a large mixing bowl put caster sugar, margarine (or butter), eggs, flour and baking powder. Using an electric whisk start on a slow speed combine mixture, increase until light and fluffy set aside.

3.     Peel and take the core out of pears, slice into even portions and arrange on bottom of your cake tin. Using half of the plain cake mix, place heaped teaspoons of the mix randomly over the pears.

4.     Add cocoa powder to remaining half of cake mix and using whisk beat until well combined.

5.     Spoon the chocolate cake mix into the baking tin and gently swirl the two mixtures together, this will create the marble effect.

6.     Bake for 20-30 minutes until sponge is well risen and firm to touch.

7.     Allow to cool in tin for 5 minutes before taking out.


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