Revolving a Profile

For this example we are going to create a wheel


1.      Change the view to onto workplane by selecting the icon


2.      Using the rectangle Icon draw a rectangle


3.      Then draw a circle from the center of the top line

1. 2.


4.      Using the delete line segment icon delete all the inside lines so you are just left with the outside perimeter.


You have now drawn the profile. The next step is to draw the axis to revolve the profile.


5.      Go to Workplane New sketch Then OK


Note: the name of this new sketch which you are about to draw is Sketch1


6.      Draw a horizontal line underneath the profile.

7.      Then turn the view back to isometric


8.      Now go to Feature revolve profile


9.      Make sure that the Sketch to use as profile says initial

10. Sketch to use as axis must be Sketch 1

11. Type in 360 in the angle box the OK


12. You should now have a shape like this.


13. Use the arrow keys to spin the drawing around



14. Now try creating a more elaborate profile and put the axis in a different position


Extension Tasks