How To Make A Simple Gear


Start up a new design "file" "new" "design"


Draw out a circle to a diameter of 100mm


And then extrude by 10mm SYMMETRICALLY (Name this extrusion gear body)

Next you will now make a new sketch on the BASE workplane. "select the base workplane" "workplane" "new sketch"


Next you will draw out 2 straight lines at 90 degrees and make them construction lines. "right click on line" "toggle Construction" and to keep them in place use after each toggle click the "constraint button"


Now you will draw out one of the teeth but only 1/2 of it. You can draw the tooth out to your measurements.

Now you will mirror the 2 lines you have drawn by "selecting the 2 lines"  "line" "mirror." Click under the axes tab and with the mouse click on the construction line you made and click "ok"


Next extrude the tooth below the workplane by 6mm SYMMETRICALLY. And the 1st tooth is complete.


Next select the tooth and pattern it around the side of the circle by "feature" "pattern"

Select the edge tool and click on the outside of the circle you wish to continue the pattern around.


Fill in the box with your required details. The example below should work the best.


Click "ok" and your simple gear is complete!

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