How To Make A Spring



(you must follow this order)

Open ProDesktop "file" "new" "design"

Draw a horizontal line which is 150 mm long.

Create a new sketch "workplane" "new sketch" and name it "spring" This must be done in order to create the spring.

Next create a horizontal construction line on top of the line you just drew. The length of this line will be the radius of the inside of the spring.

To make a normal line a construction line right click on it with the select lines button on and click on "toggle construction"

Next create a small circle on the end of the construction line with the length of 4mm.


Change the view of the sketch to trimetric "view" "goto" "trimetric" 


Next click "feature" "sweep profile" "along helix"

You can use the option box above to change the length and taper angle of the spring but you might find it easier to use the mouse and to drag the small yellow box up and down to adjust the pitch


Chose your own setting and click "ok"

and YOU have made a spring!



This is a very hard tutorial to do. If anyone has any further problems please contact us.

Try to adjust the taper angle of the spring.