Students’ Social Moral Spiritual & Cultural is developed in Engineering in a number of ways. We believe that in educating our students to think about the impact of their designing and making on the environment and people. Sustainability and the clear understanding of how this is applied to designing new products are paramount if we are to protect the world’s natural resources.

Social development is a key feature of all Engineering lessons. We teach the concept of self-regulation to ensure that students accept responsibility for their behaviour and the safety of others. We encourage students to give each other reminders when standards fall short of the collective expectation. This establishes and maintains a safe, secure, learning environment. We place an emphasis on developing the ability to work with other and to accept each other’s unique personality. We encourage effective conversations about the work we do through self & peer evaluation, and to give and accept constructive criticism as a vehicle to improve students learning outcomes.





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High Expectations  High Achievers

Level 2


Mechanical Car Project

Pro Desktop Modules


Phone Stand

Extension Task Pro Desktop